Welcome to the Gulf To Lake Church ministry links. Church is all about "ministering" to people. In order to do that, a church must know what it does well, and that will be what God has called it to do. No church can do everything, and indeed, should not try to do everything. But what it does do, it should do to the best of its ability and it should be done with quality and excellence. We have experienced, educated, and qualified leaders in each ministry - but most of all - they care about people. We believe that a Christian member of a church should be involved in that church's ministry. If you believe that God has called you to a particular ministry, get in touch with the leader and talk to them. They will instruct you on the process to being a part. The workers in each ministry become a "small group" to themselves. They make a "connection" and find friendships, support, and encouragement. As you browse through the various ministries, ask the Lord to reveal to you His heart for your participation in ministry. You will be in for the "RIDE OF YOUR LIFE".

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